No One is Safe from the Effects of Violence

January 21, 2011
By Nixon Barber BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Nixon Barber BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Violence is unrecognizable. No one sees violence until it is to late. By the time violence is noticed, it has hurt people more than anyone could imagine. But violence isn’t just physical, it can be harassment with words too. But violence can be stopped. everyone sees it as “just teasing” or “just a joke”. Just having a friendly wrestling match. no one stops it when it starts. Violence can hurt anyone anywhere, because no one is safe from the effects of violence.

Violence is an everyday part of school. Two girls get in a fight in the morning, a boy gets punched in the eye before 4th period. We can stop this violence much easier, because it makes itself present to everyone. If I kick someone in the shins and get suspended, people realize its a mistake, everything is then made right. But there is unseen violence going on, where no one is aware it has an affect on its victim. Words whispered behind your back, a Facebook message with a photo attachment. No one knows that the boy or girl it is addressed to is truly hurt by what is in there email box. Now they have thoughts of suicide. They think that they have no self worth. Think it would all be easier if they were out of the way for the rest of the world to move on. suicide is the third leading cause of death in teenagers ages 15 to 24, and fourth leading cause of death in kids 10 to 14. All of this comes from a note passed in class, an email, a Facebook message. violence has more ways of taking victims than physical actions.

Physical bullying can be just as bad. It begins the same way. Through e-mail, Facebook, texting. But then it gets out of hand. This person who feels harassed begins to take physical action. They begin to fight at school. They become more aggressive. And nobody realizes what will happen next. The student begins to feel powerless, and begins obsessing killing or injuring others. They often tell there friends at school of these plans, but the other students ignore the sign and look away. The student then thinks that use of a gun gives them a power they have been deprived of, and makes those taunting them, seem powerless. The decision to kill, is not a sudden thought, but a coldly planned action that they have been waiting for.

There are ways that you can prevent all of the above from happening. If you see a student showing violent behavior, talking about suicide or killing other students, tell an adult so they can get this student help. You can stand up the the bully yourself, tell them that what they are doing is not cool and that they should stop. If they do not do this, than find an adult to help you or your friend.

Stop violence at school, at home, and at play. Violence is a terrible thing and it hurts everyone. Help stop violence everywhere. We need to stop this terrible thing so that we can have a safe environment for everyone to learn and play. End violence for good!


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