Need it, or...Want it

January 17, 2011
I feel that our needs and wants have gotten worse as the years have passed. Back in the fifties the needs and wants were the bare minimum. The prestigious need of the fifties was a car. Families only had one car to use. Some families wanted two cars to get around. People who could afford two cars were known as an ilk, people with more money could afford two.
It is the 21 century now. There is a new diatribe being told to people. You need 3 or more cars. People buy that speech and go out and buy cars. They feel they need another car; in other terms they WANT another car. People will pay nominal amounts of money on cars, just so they will fit in with society.
People just buy things they “want or need” to show off to others. They may even paste a placard on their head to show they are important because of the things they bought from their needs and wants. People don’t need to do this to show their importance. That shows that they are bragging for their own selfish success. No one likes a bragger.
I think people reveal inhibition through their needs and wants. You can see sadness, loneliness, depression, happiness, wealth, and struggle in their purchases of their need and wants. My heart tugs for these people. People living in the twenty first century, could never imagine how to live in the fifties without all their needs and wants. People in the fifties lived a simple life. People should re-think their needs and wants to people’s needs and wants from the fifties. They got along just fine.

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Treefiddy said...
Jan. 23, 2011 at 8:28 pm

Do you want to know where people have the bare minimum? Places like Burma, Bolivia, Venezula, and Cuba.

I do subscribe to the notion that you can't buy happiness, but there is nothing bad about prosperity. As a country with self-esteem, we should strive for more.

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