The Crimes and the Tmies

January 17, 2011
By Kailey Schwarzenbacher SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Kailey Schwarzenbacher SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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The world is changing as we speak. Every day a crime is committed, someone is hurt. The crime rate in the U.S. is rampant. Crimes happen right before your eyes. You may even be the one committing the crime. Bullying is considered a crime and is a big factor especially in schools. More and more people are affected by it every day.

People are lacking ethics and they don’t realize how much a person can be hurt by a word or a name that they use to describe someone. For example, last Friday a student at North Shore Middle School was flagrant in putting a student in the garbage can. This is an example when the student knows they did something inane. There was no reason for the student to go to this extreme. This student was sent to the principal office and his parents were called. The culprit also had to write a letter to the student that was hurt and apologize. The student was admonished that this better not happen again. But some parents take things way to lightly and will just think that it was funny. This is the issue. Children need to learn morals at an early age.

The following week duress was made and all of the students got off of school because of the bomb threat. The teachers and police were inexorable that this event was going to occur especially in a middle school. But people were worried. This clandestine move was the beginning of strict security at North Shore Middle School.

The staff and parents had to have a meeting. It was time to concur on what had to be done. The meeting was held after school and the number of attendees was colossal. At the meeting the topic of bullying was discussed and will now be an immense topic at the school. After analyzing the bully charts parents saw that bullying is increasing rapidly and needs to be stopped. The school will hold a monthly assembly to inform students on what needs to be done. The teachers and staff are looking forward to working with the students to make the school a better place. A website is in the making so the students have a place to let out their feelings and let the teachers know who to look out for. This was bullying can be under control and in the hands of the middle school teachers and staff.

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