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January 14, 2011
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Wisconsin state law denies citizens the right to protect them selves with concealed firearms. The law states that concealed firearms that are not in locked cases are illegal. Wisconsin is one of two states in the entire United States that denies people the right to carry concealed firearms. For instance Milwaukee has three times the murders of all of New York City I believe this is because N.Y. has the right to carry firearms. I believe this law is unjust and goes against the United States second amendment that says that people have the right to bear arms. I believe Wisconsin’s gun laws go against the United States second amendment and that this law should be annulled. It’s safe to say that when it’s illegal to have concealed firearms the only people to have firearms are criminals. Imagine you are a criminal in a state with right to carry laws, you’ll think twice before you rob someone if you know they or someone around them might have a gun.
Henry David Thoreau said it best when he said “that government is best which governs not at all”. He means that the government isn’t always right and they shouldn’t be in charge of everything because they won’t do a good job. This is apparent with public safety the police force can’t do a good enough job without invading people privacy. If citizens can protect them selves the burden on the police will be lessoned and with fewer responsibilities they will do a better job. Thoreau also posed the question” Is a democracy, such as we know it, the last improvement possible in government?”. By this he means that democracy is corrupted because politicians do what they want and not what the people want. Politicians will do what ever their biggest sponsor wants them to do. Politicians have not allowed concealed weapons because their sponsors are against them. “Let every man known what kind of government would command his respect, and that would be one step toward obtaining it.” Thoreau is trying to say that people would be happier with the government they spent time listening to what the people want and need.

To Protest this injustice we need to show lawmakers that Wisconsin will be a safer place when you are allowed to have a concealed firearm for protection. We need to protest in a non violent way so officials see that gun owners are peaceful and just want guns to protect their family.
We should start with a petition to show that concealed carry of firearms is wanted in Wisconsin. The petitions would slowly help us gain followers for future protests. Then we should send letters to law makers with statistics that show states with right to carry laws are safer and there will be less crime. Then finally we should have peaceful protests on the capital to show that protecting ourselves with firearms is important to us. This will show lawmakers that they have made a mistake and should allow concealed carry. Groups like the NRA and local gun clubs fight for gun laws every day. They will support us and help spread information about safe gun laws.
If the protests and petitions go by with out any violence there should not be any negative consequences for out actions. If the law makers actually take notice and listen then possibly we could alter or change the gun laws in Wisconsin to make concealed carry legal. If not then we will continue to spread the knowledge that concealed firearms deters criminals and saves lives.
My family is supportive of the right to carry and believes that gun laws will make Wisconsin a safer and a better state. My father is a life member of the NRA and between him and hunter’s safety course I have learned how to use guns safely. My father and I are big hunters and use guns often. We have never used guns dangerously or with disrespect to other humans or animals. If a teenager can use a rifle safely this shows that with the right classes and lessons firearms are very safe. I have many friends that hunt and don’t that both believe that having the right to carry concealed firearms is a good idea and will prevent crime.
People that oppose concealed carry laws don’t realize that not everyone will have a gun and will be waving it around as they walk the streets. But instead they Might have one in their car or purse and if the occasion ever comes up where someone is being robbed or attacked they can protect themselves and others. If Wisconsin allowed concealed firearms not everyone would be able to carry them. You would need proper training from a self defense course also thorough background checks are done to make sure you aren’t a felon. The only people with legal guns would have passed the course and know how to properly use their gun.
I want to be able to carry concealed firearms so when I become and adult and have the correct training courses I can protect my family. If someone breaks into my home with a gun I don’t want to wait 7 minutes for the police to show up and maybe save my life. I am tired of putting my life in the hands of others. At the age of 18 I can have a family, drive a car, and protect the country in the armed forces, but I cannot protect my

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