We Are All People

December 22, 2010
How lucky we are us children. There is hope in our future. In the past there was so little. The dangers were real. I am not saying that there is no danger now for there is much but it is different. Poor Margot and Anne Frank they never got a chance at life. So many others, children and adults alike have died. And here we are in our own little world complaining about such small things when out there, back then so much danger was lurking. So many deaths have happened through a=our worlds history so many dangers. And who caused these deaths and dangers to the world? People like you and me. We were killing people like you and me. Deep down we are all human; living breathing things that need to be love and accepted. Why can’t we work as one big family? Why most we fight so much? Does it matter that our government is different? I hate to tell you this but in the end the good wins. Freedom, and human rights and equality will win. And if they don’t, well the good will win still. But yet there is still war. People are still out there dying. And what are we doing? We are sitting at home watching television ignoring the cries of the hurt; ignoring the war that rages around us. We must unite. We may be lucky to be alive in this time with not as much war but imagine what it would be like if everything could become one. United we stand divided we fall. We have fallen and it is time to pick ourselves back up. Come on stand for what you believe. Around the world people are in need. We are the world we must help them. Somehow some way we must unite the world. We are lucky because for once we have that chance. We have the chance to try and unite the world. There will always be evil but wouldn’t it be so much less if we unite together against the evil forces. Everyone please, please listen to me. We must save the world so that no longer will there be holocausts or wars. How lucky we are to not be in a holocaust or world war. But that could change in an instant. People could suddenly decide that others are not on the same level of value as them. That is all it is about it is just one big popularity race. Hitler killed the Jews because he was bullied when he was young. He was as they say unpopular. Germany started taking over other countries to try to get more power. Not to discriminate other countries. All countries are competing in this race. Even the United States we fought the natives for their land. Because we thought we could get that land because we were better than them. True be told no one is better than the other. Africa sold their own family members for money so that they could climb to latter that divides the rich and the poor those who can afford to eat and those who can’t. We are all human and have are faults. We are all united in the fact we all have faults. But yet we need to unite more. Sing out, speech up, or even do silent acts of kindness. We all have to do our part to unite the world; for we are all people, people like you and I with feelings, families, dreams, and hopes. We are all people.

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writingchick This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 7, 2011 at 3:43 pm
I am the exact same on this issue. I don't get why some wars even have to happen.
Somika replied...
Jan. 7, 2011 at 6:23 pm
Thank you for commenting!! It means so much to me!!
Somika said...
Jan. 4, 2011 at 2:44 pm
I do realize there are some spelling mistakes.  Sorry! I am a new writer.
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