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December 3, 2010
By purplepeaches BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
purplepeaches BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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What does the new Arizona Law mean to the United States? The Arizona Law SB 1070 has started a lot of controversy about our nations racial and undocumented residents. There are many people that are on both sides and I personally believe the law is just plain out unreasonable. This law has started to separate us as a nation and it is offensive.

We start to put people into racial groups and classify each other as illegal or legal which is just wrong. No one should have the right to tell you whether you “look” legal or not. Just because you have dark hair and brown skin does not mean that you are illegal. It is putting a bad influence on the way we view people and we should be judging people on how hard they work and not on how they look. Paul E. Knost, a lawyer in a private practice with an office in Tolleson, Arizona says that the Arizona Department of Education has even been firing school teachers because they speak with an accent. Also a principal at Prescott Elementary School in Arizona wanted the faces on a mural of Latino and Black kids to be lightened. It was to be lightened because a city councilman had made a campaign for the faces to be repainted as light-skinned children. Then, when the principal decided to back down he apologized for making a mistake, but the crowd still yelled out their frustration at him by telling him he was wrong for even trying to change such a nice mural. We just have too much unnecessary discrimination in our country and it has even had an impact in our education, which will lead to kids to being discriminative and unjust to each other and that shouldn't be the future we want for them.
Knost also says that “we need the cheap labor just as much as they need the hourly wages”.
Illegal immigrants are a large population of the agriculture industry. According to the AP Analysis on the Center of Immigration, a non-profit organization said that, 12% of the farm workers in Arizona are illegal. Yes illegals are taking jobs, but they are taking jobs that no one else wants. When Arizona had 1,160 job offerings in farm working only 233 American citizens applied. So when people are saying that illegal immigrants are taking jobs that is just absurd. Even when there are jobs available for American citizens, only a fraction applied for the harder labor. We could give illegal immigrants a work visa because then that way we get jobs that people wouldn’t want to do, done and at the same time they can get paid to support their family.

In the United States there are illegal students who also deserve the right to an education. The DREAM Act is an organization that could allow that for those who came to America at the age 16 and under. There are requirements for the illegal students, but it at least gives them a chance to become a resident and maybe eventually a citizen. This only applies to those who have good moral character. We are America the land that is supposed to give opportunity and freedom, but the Arizona law is just holding that back.
Why does Arizona make such a law when they know they will get a lot of negative feedback? Many have started to boycott Arizona due to the biased law. Famous singers like Pitbull, Cypress Hill, and also Maroon 5 have canceled their concerts in Arizona to protest against the law. In a Los Angeles Times article it said that hundreds of marchers took the streets in Phoenix to protest against the illegal immigration law. There is so much we could do to make our nation better and we can start by making this law go away.
The Arizona Law SB 1070 has so many flaws in which it tends to lead people to misjudge the illegal immigrants. Whether it is just looking illegal or not, taking unwanted jobs or trying to get a decent education, illegal immigrants just want to pursue the American dream to make a better life for themselves and their families. So we need to get rid of this law so we can become a united nation again.

I would just like for people to be open minded and see other possible ways to make laws that do not discriminate against one another. This would make life a lot easier for not just illegal immigrants but for all of America and then maybe that way we will start to come back as a united nation and not a fighting community.

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on Jan. 10 2011 at 12:13 pm
This article was amazing!!! It is exactly how i feel!!! Best one i've read so far! Excellent work!!! :) :) :) Thank you for giving a voice to those who needed it!

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