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December 15, 2010
By Ezra Diaz BRONZE, Watsonville, California
Ezra Diaz BRONZE, Watsonville, California
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Recently California voted on the legalization of marijuana. Unfortunately the proposition did not pass. I stand for the legalization of marijuana for two reasons. One, the tax revenue from the sale of marijuana could be used to fund the state to benefit us in various fields. Secondly, it would reduce crime rates and weaken gang control of the drug world.

Cannabis could benefit out state not only for its recreational use but for its tax revenue. Our schools especially would benefit first hand from the money marijuana could generate. In districts throughout the state there has been a huge cut back on the school budgets. Sports programs have been pawns to the cut back first hand. In order to buy new equipment, go to tournaments, and improve our facilities the coaching staff and athletes must fund raise money on their own in order to receive these necessities. If the state is not able to locate finances for lacking schools then marijuana tax revenue will be able to provide the necessary resources. With this new income our schools can use the currency in a positive beneficial manner for students and coaches throughout the state.

Crimes that are marijuana related are outrageous. Last year there were 666,120 kilograms of marijuana seized by the DEA. In 2007 the number of marijuana possession arrests was 775,138 which noticeably surpassed the 597,447 arrests of all violent crimes. Law enforcing agency will be able to focus their attention on violent crimes that put our communities in harm’s way. If we are able to take drugs out of drug dealer’s hands then we are able to abstract weapons from them as well. Most drug dealers are affiliated with gangs who are a leading cause of murders and other violent crimes. Now our officers are able to focus intently on the crimes that put our community in danger instead of those offenses which are non-violent.

Most people are not in favor for change and will not give marijuana an opportunity to do well for our state. Parents across the nation would look down on the state of California for not being a good role model for their children. Most states already dislike us and by passing this prop it would only fuel the flame of hatred. In addition certain parents would not want to pass the prop because of their beliefs in parenting and how they would look when compared to parents from other states. Basically legalizing marijuana would make our state and parents look bad in the eyes of surrounding states.

Conclusively, marijuana should be legalized in our state for its beneficial tax revenue and its strike down on crime. Go out, vote and legalize it!

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wtt777 said...
on Apr. 7 2011 at 9:26 am
wtt777, Tennessee
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The problem with the legalization of marijuana is that unlike alchohol,and smoking is that it is a gateway drug. It brings people away from reality and that has many hasards unto itself.

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