Octorara Cuts Middle School Sports

December 2, 2010
By mohar4569 BRONZE, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
mohar4569 BRONZE, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
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Did you know that 80% of students are more likely to become pregnant if they do not participate in school sports? That means that at OMS, we could potentially have a lot of teen moms, considering the fact that our sports program was cancelled last year due to financial difficulties. The majority of our student body want to stay healthy and non-pregnant, so why don’t we offer sports anymore? OMS should keep school sports for the following reasons: sports help keep kids healthy, they can improve grades, they can help kids stay out of trouble, and sports can help students develop leadership skills.

First off, middle schools need to keep sports because they help keep kids healthy! If kids are healthy, then they’re probably in shape and that’s good too. Also, kids that participated in sports would be less likely to become obese! Furthermore, extracurricular activities would help kids get stronger and more flexible if they played then if they didn’t play.
Next, schools need sports because they can improve grades. It’s a fact that sports help increase concentration in students who play. Moreover, sports help improve discipline among students! Finally, you have to get good grades to play because most coaches won’t let you play if you have bad grades in your classes.
One of the last reasons that they should keep sports in middle schools is because they can help kids stay out of trouble, and that’s something that all schools want. With sports, you have less time to do bad things since you’re always at a practice or a game. Also, sports can help you relieve stress. Lastly, if you get in trouble while doing sports, you’ll get kicked off of the team so kids might be more motivated to do good so they can play.
The final reason in persuading schools to keep middle school sports is that sports help students develop life-long leadership skills. Team members need to cooperate with peers and adults to be good at a sport. Additionally, if you’re the captain of a team, obviously you have a lot of responsibilities to carry that team and win games. Likewise, you have to learn very good time management skills to be able to make sure you get to practice, competitions, games, or anything else on time.
Our school needs to keep school sports because they can keep kids healthy, sports can help keep kids out of trouble, and the can help develop leadership skills. If your school didn’t have sports, you would probably be upset. Imagine how we, the students of OMS, feel. It’s time to start a sports revolution!

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