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December 2, 2010
By Jauberzinsky BRONZE, Atglen, Pennsylvania
Jauberzinsky BRONZE, Atglen, Pennsylvania
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“Why would my mommy want to hurt me? I thought she loved me. I don’t understand and it hurts me on the inside and the outside.” Child abuse is hurting a child both emotionally and physically. It’s wrong and illegal. Who could ever hurt a child on purpose! It really just blows my mind, therefore, child abuse should be stopped!. Child abuse should be put to a stop because of the following reasons: it’s illegal, it effects their school work, they are more likely to end up in prison, it effects them emotionally and physically and it’s wrong!

Child abuse is illegal. They can go to jail. In fact they should go to jail. They will probably have to go to counseling. They might never get their child back and even if they did it would never be the same, so stop child abuse before it’s to late!

It can also effect their school work. It’s hard for them to focus because their in pain or angry. They might be thinking about trying to tell someone, maybe reaching out for help. But then rethinking it because of the threat of their parent or all the emotions and feelings behind telling someone. Trying to even begin to tell what they are going through. It would be so hard for them to put all these feelings and emotions aside to try to do their school work ; therefore, how would anyone expect them to do work as well as finishing it!

Children who are abused are very likely to end up doing the same thing to their children or doing even worst things. 84% of prison inmates were abused as children. They feel the only thing they should do is hurt or kill because of what their parents did to them and now they are in prison for it when it didn’t have to be that way they could have changed. It’s like a domino effect, parents abuse their children then those children grow-up and have their own children and they abuse them and then the cycle keeps repeating. Break the cycle!

Child abuse effects children emotionally and physically. And it’s wrong! Sometimes it’s not just beating their child, it’s neglecting their own child. Who could ever just not cloth and feed their child? It causes them to think all adults are bad and will hurt them too. Herbert Ward once said “child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.” That quotes to me says it all because it’s true an abused child will never forget the emotional pain it caused them, in addition, it will stay with them for their whole lifetime.

Child abuse should be stopped because it’s illegal, it effects their schoolwork, it effects them emotionally and physically, they are more likely to end up in prison, and it’s wrong! And yes the children can heal on the outside but do they ever truly heal on the inside? Now it’s up to you to break the cycle!


Julia Auberzinsky

The author's comments:
I believe child abuse should be stopped!!!

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