The Sport's Revolution

December 2, 2010
By brookerose04 BRONZE, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
brookerose04 BRONZE, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
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Did you know that students who play school sports are 92% less likely to get into drugs? School sports help Octorara Middle School students in many ways, yet they got rid of them. OMS students should have the opportunity to play school sports. Sports are a big part of students’ lives. Students should be able to play school sports for these reasons: good grades, good social skills, good leadership skills, and students will stay active and healthy.

Playing school sports will raise students’ grades. For Example, students who play school sports are 3 times more likely to graduate than non-athletes. For OMS, the policy is that you can only play school sports if you have good grades. If you play sports you will most likely have a higher Grade Point Average. Sports help you with your grades because you know you have to have good grades to play, so you want to play. Sports make you work harder in school. Having good grades will boost your self-confidence. Playing school sports have a positive effect on your grades.

Playing school sports improves your social skills. While students play sports, they meet new people. A new study has found that middle-school kids in inner-city neighborhoods who play organized team sports have a higher sense of self worth and better social skills than their less athletic peers. Students also need to learn how to talk to other students in a positive way. In order to play you need to know how to work with other students nicely. Therefore, OMS having school sports will help develop students’ social skills with others.

Playing school sports is a good way to boost up your leadership skills. If you play sports and you have fun you are less likely to get into trouble. It could help you because you could be captain of your team. You would need to be a leader so you can help other people. You need to encourage your peers and teammates to be better! Playing OMS sports would help you boost your leadership skills. As a result, you will get looked at higher by other people.

Playing OMS school sports will keep you healthy in many ways. You will be healthy physically and mentally. For example, as of 2006 less than one third of 15 years olds got the minimum amount of required physical activity during the week and on weekends it dropped to just 17%. Students who play school sports will be in shape. They will be more active. Students will be happier. If they win games, that will boost your mood. Students will have to keep focused in school, which makes they improve mentally. 3 hours of the 5 ½ is spent watching television. Having fun and meeting new people releases stress. That is good for you mentally. Students who play school sports will have less stress. 3 hours of the 5 ½ is spent watching television. Nevertheless, students who play school sports for OMS will be healthier than people who are not active.

OMS should have school sports because students will have good grades. Students’ social and leader skills will rocket up! Students’ will stay active and healthy, which is good for your brain and heart. There are so many positive effects on students with sports. It is time to start a sports revolution.

The author's comments:
Many things inspired me to write this piece. I wanted to make a change for my community and school. I decided to write an editorial about OMS sports. The abolished school sports from our school and it made many people mad. I hope to get many things from this article. I hope that our school brings back school sports.

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