Technology Troubles

December 2, 2010
By kmdoc3 BRONZE, Christiana, Pennsylvania
kmdoc3 BRONZE, Christiana, Pennsylvania
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Most of the students at Octorara Middle School own a cell phone or an IPod. So why doesn’t the administration make the best of it and let the students use them for educational purposes? Our wireless technology today is filled with tons of educational outlets for schools and such. And as long as the students get to use them, I think everyone would be happy.

For example, music helps people think more clearly. Have you ever heard that argument? Well, its true. If you listen to music (more likely to be classical) while doing homework, you could end up doing better than before when you weren’t listening to it. That will cause grades on tests and assignments to sky-rocket! Also, if you let the students listen to their IPods at IHT, they will be quiet and not as disruptive as before, which lets other students who need to do their work work peacefully. They wouldn’t be tempted to talk, like students do sometimes. And as much as music seems to help students, its not the only tech offering opportunities around here.

Cell phones - are not just for texting. The great technology used in lots of phones today include anything from Microsoft word to the Internet - which would be of great use if we were allowed to use them. The Internet can serve lots and lots of academic purposes. For example, what if the school’s computer cart was unavailable? No problem, just get out your phones! Most phones today provide Internet, which we could use for researching our papers or projects. Or we could just use email or word to type up important essays, and maybe even job resumes!

Can any of you think of a job that doesn’t involve computers? I can’t. Most jobs today, at least 75%, require computers or other technological devices. Let’s face it - Technology is used almost everywhere! Therefore, why limit students when, in the real world, they will most likely land a job that somewhat involves computers?

Using these fragile devices does a very important thing - it equips responsibility. Students learn important techniques when using these complicated computers. And by teaching the students responsibility, it opens up new opportunities for the entire school. In addition, it makes learning for these kids far more enjoyable.

In conclusion, I think IPods and cell phones should be allowed in school because they have so many educational possibilities. So whether you’re looking up info for a project or jamming to thought-simulating music, I think we can all agree technology is a good use for our school and our community.

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