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Should the Death Penalty be Abolished?

December 2, 2010
By cooldudety3636 BRONZE, Cochranville, Pennsylvania
cooldudety3636 BRONZE, Cochranville, Pennsylvania
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What is your opinion on crime? Do you think criminals should be punished when they commit a crime? Capital punishment is the death penalty. It has been used since ancient times to punish a variety of offenses. It is still used today in all but thirteen states. The death penalty is the harshest possible punishment to receive. It is only used for the worst of crimes and criminals. It is important for preserving law and order, deterring crime, and keeping costs less than life imprisonment. Some people believe it also honors the victim, helps console grieving families, and ensures that the criminals will never have an opportunity to cause future tragedy.

Studies show that the death penalty does save lives. People fear death. This is a natural instinct because death is final. Criminals prefer life in prison over the death penalty. Therefore, if a criminal is considering committing a crime in a state that uses the death penalty, it would strike some fear in their minds. The fear would be a permanent ending for their actions. Some studies show that there were about 16,000 people murdered in 2009 and roughly 6,000 in 2010. Although it is hard to say if this decrease was because of the death penalty, it cannot be overlooked. Crimes will severely decrease in many parts of the country who allow capital punishment. It will eradicate the criminal population. It will also dissuade others from committing serious crimes.

Some people believe that convicts should not be allowed to live their life behind bars, it is better to kill them. It is said that keeping someone in prison costs more than executing them. Nevertheless, the cost is billions to taxpayers. According to the Bureau of Justice in 2004, the cost to taxpayers to keep criminals in jail was approximately $48 billion. It is very hard to justify why taxpayers should be paying this huge bill to give criminals meals, exercise programs, clothing, and a roof over their heads. Innocent citizens have to pay when others commit a crime. Rather than spending on a person who may again commit a terrifying crime, it is better to put him to death.

The death penalty is viewed as revenge for pain and suffering that the criminal inflicted on the victim. In the same way, some people strongly believe that a person who has taken the life of another person does not have a right to live. It is known as ‘an eye for an eye.’ Sentencing a criminal to death can give relief to the family members of the victim that their loved one has obtained justice. It helps them with closure on their loss.

What is your opinion on crime and peace throughout the United States? Do you agree, disagree, or maybe you don’t have an opinion? As a citizen of this country, I believe you should care about the death penalty. It deters criminals from committing crimes, thus making the streets a much safer place. It permanently removes the worst criminals from our society and proves to be much safer for the rest of us than long term or permanent incarceration. I can think of many other things I’d like to spend my hard earned money on than taking care of harsh criminals in jail for the rest of their lifetime. Also, it is evident that dead criminals cannot commit any further crimes. If we don’t enforce this penalty, criminals will continue to live off our dollar in jail, or worse - walk the streets like normal people waiting to commit their next crime. Peace in America isn’t free, but we can make it possible to have if we have the death penalty. The decision is yours…do you believe in safer streets, less crimes, and self reliance and safety in your own home?

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because of all the wrongdoings going on in the world. We all need to make a difference.

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