Manatee or Chupacabra?

November 15, 2010
By alexis1997 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
alexis1997 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Have you ever been embarrassed by one or either of your parents? How would you feel if your mom acted less mature than you? Well April Newcomb is one immature mother. She encourages fighting, and does not try to prevent it. She showed absolutely no empathy for what so ever for her daughter. Therefore, April is just teaching her daughter how to dodge the truck.

Although April Newcomb of Palmetto, Florida, knew her daughter was going to fight another girl, she did not take the proper responsibility of a mother. 39-year-old April Newcomb decided to drive her daughter her daughter to fight another girl. She was heard on a video, encouraging her daughter to fight the other girl. April was saying, ”Don’t Stop. Punch her in the. …………body” That is not a role model. April is just teaching her daughter everything not to do.

As an example, April Newcomb acted just like she was a teenager. Therefore, none of her actions were ones a parent should make. On the one hand, I can see teenagers cheering the girls on. Although, a parent definitely shouldn’t do this. Just like the other teenagers, at no point does April intervene to stop the violence. Instead of acting like a mother who cares in trying to break up the fight, she does something completely childish. Not only does she begin yelling at her daughter, its because her daughter appears to easing up. Mothers should not act like their teenage daughters.

Moreover, she showed no empathy for her daughter getting hurt. Back in 2000, a boy was in a fight in a parking lot, and was beat to death. As usual, April doesn’t think about her daughter. She should have though about that happening to her daughter. She claimed she went in order to make sure that no one got seriously injured. But if she was really empathic, she never would have taken her daughter to the fight in the first place. If April really cared about her daughter’s skull fracture not getting further injured, then taking her daughter there is like saying, “I don’t care if you get hit in the back of your head.” Furthermore, how could the mothers of those two girls, have a conversation, while their daughters fought. They might as well just have left them there to fight. Duh? How dumb can you be? A young boy in Palmetto was killed years before in a fight, and you would take your daughter to fight another girl? WOW! That’s Pathetic.

As a result, immature mothers make life harder for themselves, family, and society. April Newcomb only encouraged her 16-year-old daughter to fight. She was making choices more like a teenager, instead of choices a parent would make. April had no empathy for her daughter getting hurt, or for her daughter’s safety. I recommend not encouraging fighting, because just like for April, it will come with a consequence.

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