Democrat or Republican- What is the Difference?

November 20, 2010
By Anonymous

When I was little I asked an adult what was the difference between Democratic and Republican. (I think it might have been during presidential elections). They said- The only difference is that democratics think homemade alcohol is okay and Republicans don’t. Now after paying so close attention to all the most recent elections- these two parties hate each other. They falsely accuse each other of mean things. All for power.
Even now I’m still not completely sure what the difference between Democrat and Republican is. I know it is more complicated than who likes homemade alcohol. Sure, I enjoy politics and when I get old enough of course I’d like to vote. One thing I know for sure is if there is a no party to check on the voter’s ballad when it asks you what party your with- I’m gonna check it.
Everyone is one or the other. Why can’t we all just be one people when the only difference is who likes homemade alcohol?

The author's comments:
I enjoy politics and I wrote this out of memories

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