Democrats say "Blah Blah Blah" Republicans say "yak yak yak"

November 17, 2010
By , East Ridge, TN
I walked to the bus stop one morning in an uncaring mood. No problem in my world: the worries of my country being a vague shadow to my current standing. When Bush was in office Many people both supported and opposed him, and steadily began to dwell more on opposition. His time in office only progressed the United States further downhill. Obama one his election promising change, but most people would have elected any powerful speaker riding a donkey and promising change;especially if they rode a donkey. I wont deny it, I was for Obama as well, but at the bus stop and then at school all I heard was talk of his failures.
At this point I was not shocked though, I too had to recognize the harsh progress Obama has made. What really got to me was that the same people who supported him and opposed bush now supported bush and opposed obama. Its as if the only difference between now and the last Presidential era is that people support the republican party again, even an uncaring school boy can't ignore something so obvious, and while people continue debating over which side is good and bad the country dies at just enough of a pace to notice.
George Washington once stated "Political Parties will be the death of this country" I'm far too amazed at how his prophecy is coming to pass.

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Treefiddy said...
Nov. 23, 2010 at 4:51 am

Forget political parties for a moment. There are two ideologies which are distinctly different from eachother and have greatly different goals for the future of this country. One party wants to "transform" the United States into a European-style social welfare state, and the other party wants to promote uphold a free-market society which gives creedence and worth to the individual rather than the collective. The point isn't so much the parties, but the desired ends they seek and the means the... (more »)

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