Manetees Gone Crazy

October 29, 2010
By lmoz123 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
lmoz123 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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All right, so, I think the people in this town are a couple French fries short of a happy meal because they’ve all apparently lost it. It starts off in a town in Manatee, Florida, the first thing I thought when I heard this name was “I thought Manatee’s we’re supposed to be fine, restful creatures”, evidently not, because in this town it’s alright to beat people with pipes and drive your daughter to a fight! I utterly disagree with this because first of all the mother, April Newcomb, was acting even more immature then the daughter! Second of all, is the reason they were fighting in the first place. And lastly, how the crowd acted when all of this was occurring.

Like I said, the mother was acting even more immature then the daughter! When all of this was happening, the mother should have tried to stop this as soon as she was told about this, but instead, she joins in and encourages her daughter to fight! She even takes it upon herself to DRIVE her to the fight! First of all, this is wrong because what would have happened if her 16-year-old daughter was severely hurt? Would the mother regret taking her or would she just be happy that she won? Next, why wouldn’t the mother try to stop the fight, or even protect her daughter for that matter? If I was the mother I wouldn’t want my daughter getting injured or upset. I would at least try to break it up. Finally, this mother didn’t break up the fight, but she was encouraging them to fight, and then, denied it! She told the authorities that she went to the fight to make sure the fight didn’t get out of hand but really, that’s ironic because they have the fight on video and also have her screaming, “Kill her...Don’t stop...You won’t lose!” and other gruesome statements like those.

I told you earlier that I would explain what the fight was over. Well here it is…it was over an ex boyfriend that just got out of jail! First of all, this dude just got out of jail for goodness sake! I bet he got in there from driving his brother to a fight! The point is why fight over a guy who just got out of jail?! Second, this guy wasn’t even their current boyfriend! Why fight over an ex boyfriend? Did this dude even know all this was going on? Lastly, who wants to go out with a girl whose mom cheers them on in a catfight?

Unfortunately, when all of this was going on, only one person in the crowd said, “This is sad”. The rest of the group sat by, took pictures, and tapped videos. First of all this is wrong because if someone really got hurt, they would have all probably gotten in trouble for it. Second, they got the other mother on tape showing she was standing right next to April Newcomb. But here’s the twist…this mother didn’t get in trouble at all! Apparently, you have to be yelling at your child to get in trouble. And foremost, no one said anything about the fight except one person. That to me is a disappointment and shows what our society is like today with TV and videogames.

So, next time you go to Manatee, Florida be sure to watch out, because these people get a kick out of hurting each other! If I were you, I would watch my back while walking around those crazy streets! Hey, at least now if you do go, you know how to get arrested and charged for child abuse…just drive your daughter to a fight!

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rogue52 said...
on Dec. 8 2010 at 6:49 pm
I totally agree. This Newcomb chick sounds like she is ten kinds of looney.


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