was it worth it?

October 29, 2010
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“ I was only there to make sure they didn’t get hurt,” my butt! On the contrary April was telling her daughter to kill the girl. I agree April is a bad parent. April Newcomb got arrested for child abuse because she stood, watched, and cheered on a kid’s fight and one of the kids was her daughter.
Why she is a bad parent is because she egged her daughter to do the fight like she doesn’t even care “ Hi I’m April I let my child do whatever she wants” like what the heck she needs to care more about her daughter’s emotional well being and not if she is going to win the fight on not.
What about the other mother? She stood there and watched and didn’t stop the fight, shouldn’t she get fined too? Some say she shouldn’t because she didn’t say anything unlike April, but she didn’t stop it that was on of the reasons April got fined. So she should get fined!
Now the crowd, should they get in trouble or fined? They should I mean there where 100 kids they’re cheering the two girls on so was April and she was the only one fined. She may have been the mother but the people where video taping and cheering that makes them want to fight even more so they should get fined. You may not be able to get everyone but some at least. There was only one person out of the whole crowd who thought it was stupid and they should stop. But the person didn’t leave he or she still stayed there and watched the fight just like everyone else.
Some may argue we should be lenient on April but I think not she cheered on kids at a fight. I think the other mother should get fined for watching the fight and the crowd should get fined for cheering on the 2 girls so was it worth it to fight over a stupid guy to get your mother in such trouble was it really worth it?

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