Stop the Blockade

October 20, 2010
Palistinians and the Isrealites have been going at it for a while the Plistinians want to create a city that would create more housing and more business for the people. Umfortunatly they need a road that would happen to cross Isreal.They do not want them to use any of there land.This has created a big disagreement. The Isreali's have given the Palistinians many false hopes in getting the very small strip of land.They were told that they couldn't have it because they afraid of them being to close to each other and having drive bys and then it was Palistine has sewage problems and we don't want that near us so fix it and you can have the strip of land.They wouldn't have a sewage problem if the Irealite wouldn't have created a blockade in the first place.So if the Isrealites dont want them to have why dangle it above there head.I think that that they are tired of the excuses the are uncalled for.The things that Isreal is doing to keep them from getting the land is killing alot of people.The hospitals don't have a enough fuel to last there generators but a day so the doctors have to make tough decisionsdod I take the baby off the incabator or do I take someone of a Pace maker.Those are both decisions that I would never want to haved to make I would rather have the blockade finish and done with then to cause people unescarry pain and suffering.

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