October 17, 2010
By kelsey faunce BRONZE, Fairhaven, Massachusetts
kelsey faunce BRONZE, Fairhaven, Massachusetts
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One thing in the world that I wish I could stop or that I wish never existed is bullying. It is one of the worst things that’s going on in the world right now. A lot of people are taking their lives because of the excessive bullying that is happening to them. A girl named phoebe prince took her own life. The reason was because a senior football player and another guy liked phoebe over this other girl. So this girl and her friend’s bullied phoebe so much that they drove by her one day as she walked home and threw a can at her. They would text and IM phoebe so many horrible things. That it all went to the extent that she felt that the bullying wouldn’t stop. So she felt the need to take it into her own hands and decided to hang herself in the stairwell leading to the second floor of the family apartment. Her little 12 year old sister had to find her and that is something her sister will never be able to get over. Raymond Chase at Rutgers University in New Jersey hanged himself inside his door room because his roommate hid a camera in their room and took video of him having sex with another guy and uploaded it up onto youtube. Most kids who bully are insecure themselves they bully to lash out their anger and they see what they are doing to the kids they hurt and if you don’t fight back they will continue to bully you and if you don’t fight back people will think that you are weak. But if you do fight back you are giving the bully satisfaction that they are getting into your head so they feel the need to continue and you just get even angrier. And some kids get so angry that they do stupid things or just go so crazy that they do things they regret. There is no real way to stop bullying but there are people trying to end it. Sometimes it maybe the victim that gets in trouble. People feel they are sometimes lying or just trying to get attention. People can not really understand bullying until it happens to them. So you can not make a comment on bullying and say im doing all that I can when you really do not know what is going on. you can not just push bullying to side because it will only get worse teachers don’t really see what goes on when students get bullied until it is taken to the extent when the students kill themselves. Then you feel horrible because you realize you should have done something but you didn’t pay attention enough to do anything. Sometimes kids who are bullied kill themselves because the school doesn’t do anything about it. But you can not always blame it on the school if the parents of the kid don’t do anything to fight for their kid then that is also an issue. Sometimes parents believe that their kid is being dramatic because maybe their kid always lies or gets in trouble a lot in school so they feel it’s just another attempt to get some attention. But if the parent of the bully doesn’t do anything to stop it or do anything to get their kid to stop fighting in school or getting in trouble for making fun of the kid then that is their fault so badly because they are not taking care of a future criminal. Bully is not against the law in the state of Massachusetts but harassment is. And sending someone threatening texts or throwing cans or following them with a bullhorn is. And the worst part is that the parents of the bully always stick up for their kids. They don’t see what their kids are doing they just see oh my poor kid is in trouble well what about the kid getting laughed at or cans thrown at them or being followed and being hit and kicked. Who gets to care about that kid? When they are dead all that is left is for the family to be in grief. All that is left is for the family to feel in pain and the bullies parents to try to stick up for their kid being blind about what their kid did and even if they know they don’t care. The kid who killed themself well that kid has no one to care for them because they were probably bullied so much that no one wanted to be their friend because they don’t want to be bullied or harassed. And it’s sad because people will stick up for the bully but no one will ever stick up for that poor innocent girl or boy. Some reasons why kids bully, family wise: They feel they don’t get enough attention from their parents, parents modeling bully behavior, getting beat up by older siblings. Peer wise: their friends might be bullies; friends have positive views against violence, to enhance their social power. Other reasons: the school doesn’t address bullying, they get it from TV shows, movies, videogames, and it creates excitement, gets rid of boredom, it also gets attention of other girls in order to secure friendships. A lot of kids who have to deal with the stress of being bullied get sick. Three-quarters of all kids say they have been bullied or teased. Bullying can make kids not want to go outside or play. It makes it hard for kids to focus on schoolwork because they don’t know when they will be bullied next. Bullying bothers everyone and not just the kids who are getting picked on. Bullying can make school a place of fear and can lead to more violence and more stress for everyone. There are ways to deal with bullying don’t give the bully a chance, stand tall and brave, feel good about you, get a buddy and be a buddy, ignore the bully, stand up for yourself, don’t bully back, don’t show your feelings, tell an adult.. But some people can argue it’s easier said then done. Just because you stand tall and brave does that mean you still won’t get hurt? Feel good about you yes you can feel good about a certain part of you that they pick on but doesn’t that mean they can choose a new part of your body? Don’t give a bully the chance that is easier said then done I believe. Telling an adult can be a bad idea but a good one. You don’t want to feel like a snitch and people will turn on you but you can also save yourself from something getting worse or you can cause something to get worse. Don’t show your feeling that is hard for kids to do these days because if a bully says something bad about you they can hit a certain soft spot that makes you feel very sad. And don’t bully back some kids when you feel angry feel the need to get revenge but that is not always the best idea because the bully can get you back twice as bad. People shouldn’t be bullied because they are gay or black or Hispanic or fat. Sometimes kids who bully people about being gay are actually gay but no one knows. Or the kid bullying the fat kid actually used to be fat but lost a lot of weight. They are just good at hiding their secrets. But I always wonder how can you bully someone for being who they are? Or how can you bully someone that is just like you? Is that not being a hypocrite? If that is true are we all hypocrites? There are so many ways you can look at these questions. But in the end the real questions are who fights back for that poor innocent kid? Who is gutsy enough to stand up for someone being bullied? Who will save a life from being taken?

The author's comments:
we have to have civil rights things in my school when someone comes and speaks to us about it and bullying was in it. and she talked about kids who get bullied so much that they feel the need to take their own lives and i just couldnt help but be angry. no one should have to kill themselves it is a terrible thing.

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on Nov. 10 2010 at 1:54 pm
kelsey faunce BRONZE, Fairhaven, Massachusetts
1 article 0 photos 1 comment
ohh well i googled the college and thats the name that they gave me

on Nov. 7 2010 at 4:12 pm
just to let you kno raymond chase is a jwu student who hung himself due to bullying. the bouy from rutgers is named tyler. godd article though.


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