Here Comes the Rain

October 15, 2010
By Tyler Frasca BRONZE, Medfield, Massachusetts
Tyler Frasca BRONZE, Medfield, Massachusetts
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One thirty in the morning, the night before a huge test and you have just fallen asleep. What is this the fire alarm? This is awesome the fire alarm is screaming through the brisk air. Also, water is pouring from the sprinklers soaking everything. Now you have to get out of bed for this stupid alarm and have to walk all the way outside. Is that SNOW outside? It is one forty in the morning now and you are pissed off because the fire alarm is ringing violently and cold water is roaring through the ceilings. Not only do you have a huge test in the morning and were hoping of getting a good night’s rest, but now you are standing in the freezing weather. You are just waiting in at least one foot of SNOW for the fire department to get here so that you can go back to bed. Worst of all, the water from the sprinkler that got all over you is now freezing in the below zero temperatures. Could there be anything worse?
Instead of worrying about the sprinklers let’s have some fun and play some miniature basketball in the dorm. We can have a great time shooting this small ball through the air at the hoop. Also, what is fun is that we can try to hit the sprinkler with the ball. This way we can play basketball in the rain too. While we work up a sweat playing basketball, the sprinkler can cool us off with tons of drain water. Not only do we get the water rushing down from the ceiling cooling us off but the water that is flowing is brown dirty drain water. What is more fun than playing in brown sewer water? Look at the sprinkler; we can easily set them off.
Take a few moments and look at the actual sprinkler. It seems so simple and yet looks very sturdy. If we take an even closer look at this little sunflower coming out of the wall you can see so much more details. The sunflower is attached to three different bars. The two outside support bars look as though they are could form together and act like a nose ring from a bull. Then the middle bar has the red strip of death. This is the most important wire, because it controls the faith of the students in the dorms. When the red wire is cut then it’s all over. The sprinkler sends water rushing out of its spout attacking everything in the room. Whether it is clothes, books, or electronics the sprinkler will soak it with as much water as possible. Now back to the sunflower. It gives the sprinkler a simple and elegant look, but in reality it is masking the potential water rushing out. Not only does it set off water but it also sets off the fire alarm. Is there some way to protect the sprinkler from getting hit?
Could it be as simple as putting a cage around the sprinkler? No, there is no way that a simple cage around the sprinkler will protect it. It is too easy of a fix to put a cage around the sprinkler. If we put one around the sprinkler then we will not be able to play basketball while the sprinklers go off. There is no point of protecting the sprinklers from everything. Especially since when someone accidentally sets the sprinklers off it costs one hundred thousand dollars for everything. But since that is pocket change, the sprinklers do not need to be protected. If they get set off accidentally; there is no problem it is only a small chunk of change.
The sprinklers in the dorms are fine the way they are. There is no possible way that they can cause damage to student’s laptops and other materials. Students never act stupid and do stupid things so there is no need to worry about someone smashing into it with something. Since there is no need to worry we do not need to protect it with anything neither. Nothing bad will ever come from these sprinklers being out in the open for students to hit.

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