The Mosque at Ground Zero

September 30, 2010
During the past few months, there has been a disagreement about building a Mosque near Ground Zero. Both President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg have agreed to this proposal. However, not everyone is in full agreement. A lot of people across the United States oppose the plan. I also do not fully agree with this idea.
As most people know, on September eleventh 2001, a group of terrorists from an extremist organization called Al Qaeda hi-jacked a couple of airplanes heading towards major landmarks in the united States. One of them crashed into the Twin Towers (also known as the World trade Center) in New York City. Thousands of people inside and around the two buildings died because of this terror attack. The place where the Twin Towers once stood is called Ground Zero.

There is now a plan for an Islamic center to be built, just a couple of blocks away from Ground Zero. The families of the victims that died because of the terror plot, request that this Islamic center be built farther away from Ground Zero. I am in total agreement with them.
First of all, this Islamic center has alleged ties to Al Qaeda. In its history, people that were part of this center were arrested for having dealt with Al Qaeda. This happened to several of its members including several of its Presidents in its history. The director of this center recently gave a speech and said: We must use “Gun and sword” if we need to.
Some people know that Islam has declared “Jihad” on the western side. We have had many consequences because of our poor choices. Let us make the right choice this time.

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