Media Bias Ruins Our Knowledge

September 21, 2010
By NACenter63 BRONZE, Wexford, Pennsylvania
NACenter63 BRONZE, Wexford, Pennsylvania
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I have seen both NBC and Fox news, and to be completely honest they are terribly biased and only offer their side in great detail. Both are on the extremes of the conservative and liberal sides. I would even say they are so biased to not even give the complete details where they only give their side and the other side can only sit there and listen. They cannot even attempt to offer a just counter argument because from the reporters to the corporations that own are planning to keep their arguments in people’s heads, and to have them back only there side and use one sided points in debates or voting.
As for the main news shows some of the most biased that from my limited experience are from the fox news network. Though I may have bias in my point of view, I can understand how NBC can be biased, but it seems they have poked literal fun at the other ideas as much as possible because their supposed political party is not in power. The Fox news network in my opinion takes on the responsibility as the ongoing battle of our political system where some sides are so stubborn that they just can’t be persuaded, and these news channels intensify this stubbornness.
They also poke at some of the outrageous things like I saw an episode of Glen Becks show where he himself made fun of Vice-president Joe Biden’s ashes on his for head on Ash Wednesday. I understand as of freedom of speech, but this takes it far where they are impeding on another’s religion where it is another freedom where a large percentage of the population would have ashes, and in my thought this was just Glen trying to find ways to make the president and the vice-president look bad. I have also seen on both channels where reporters put a person in political power from the other party and literally ripe there statements apart so it seems that they are wrong and the reporters are right, without the person being question to counter at all and openings in the reports ideas are left unseen so no one other than people who read the proposal.
These are my ideas on media bias, and I think they ruin the news. They neglect to let people see the news in its entirety, and limit people’s knowledge to use in life. They also continue to allow people to be stubborn because they think there are right and cite their respective news channel. Please keep these in mind when watching the news next time.

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