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September 3, 2010
By trippy BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
trippy BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Make My Day Law
Colorado lawmakers are looking to expand the make my day law. People who use the “make my day law” can be prosecuted. Now the lawmakers want to change it were the protector can not be prosecuted to defending them self’s. “State reprehensive Cory Gardner presented the bill to the house committee.”(According to 11 news.) “But Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald says lawmakers need to be careful of unintended consequences.”
The make my day law come in to act when an intruder enters your home in any way of threat. In order to shoot some one first give a verbal involvement that there not welcome and need to leave the premises. If the individual show any sign of violence “The make my day law comes into act from the deadly forces can be taken to get the subject to leave or stop the threat.
In any case were conflict needs to be settled with a gun call the police. Police will surely deal with the problem. When conflict gets out of hand before law enforcement arrives. Then the “make my day law” can be used. Before using a gun tell the subject to leave. Then if the subject does not leave and shows threat or violence you can use deadly forces to make shore of safety. At all needs call the police before shooting some one.
When using deadly forces to get some one off your land use rubber or rock salt bullets. The rubber bullets will put a nice bruise on the human body. The rock salt inters the skin and imbeds its self and dissolves. While dissolving from blood the salt begins to burn even when pulled out the salt will burn for roughly 12 hour. When intruders enter a home the first response is to grab the gun and kill, but at all times if there is a possibility tell the intruder to leave. If the intruder then shows threat then deadly forces can be taken to stop the subject.
The make my day law states that when confrontation comes between two people you are obligated by law to retreat at the first opportunity in order to minimize damages. This simply means threat when there’s an opportunity to walk away by law you must. When the intruder is on privet property and the owner wants the subject off the subject must leave. If the intruder does not leave and pursues the owner heshe must retreat to ones home.
When the owner is in there home and conflict starts between the subjects the owner does not have to retreat. By law the owner does not have to retreat in ones home. Then the owner can use deadly forces to stop the subject. When use of deadly forces in ones home, the owner can not be prosecuted. The owner can not be prosecuted for it is shown as self defense.
When shooting someone in ones home you have to prove that they had criminal intent and in Fac. were trespassing. Like if someone kicked down the door in the middle of the night. Well first the criminal has no attentions to negotiate. If there is a chance to call the police do so the operator records the confutation. This is the evidence that will be a witness that the intruder had criminal intents.

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