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September 3, 2010
By mario.martinez45 SILVER, Thonrton, Colorado
mario.martinez45 SILVER, Thonrton, Colorado
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Senate Bill 1070

Arizona is relatively calm state when it comes to being on the news, but recently it is becoming infamous for its strict immigration law that was passed recently. On July 29, 2010 Senate Bill 1070 went into effect. This ignited controversies on not only a national scale but worldwide instead. Boycotts and protest were quickly launched in an effort to stop SB 1070. Famous actors and music artist refused to play in Arizona while activist continued to stand strong against non supporters. To me this law is wrong in so many ways not only legally but morally too. SB 1070 should be revoked because it allows officials to racially profile, it goes against federal law. And it is targeting a certain group of immigrants.

When most people hear the phrase SB 1070 they may think its bad, good, or just don’t know what it is. To me one word comes to mind and that’s racially profiling. Although Governor Jan Brewer insist that SB 1070 doesn’t encourage profiling racially the law itself says it does.”…E. A law enforcement officer, without a warrant, may arrest a person if the officer has probable cause to believe that the person has committed any public offense that makes the person removable from the United States…” Quoted from the Senate Bill 1070 this shows us where racially profiling comes in. Basically this means that if an officer sees a young immigrant of any kind he can pull them over because he thinks they’ve committed a crime against the United States. That goes against everything that Governor Jan Brewer has been telling the media.

Why is SB 1070 unconstitutional? Because it violates the first and 14th amendment in a fashion that makes it seem like it’s not.”… Violates the Fourteenth Amendment and Equal Protection Clause rights of racial and national origin minorities by subjecting them to stops, detentions, and arrests based on their race or origin…” This is one of the many charges that the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders. This presents and argument and conflict as to how this law was even passed knowing that it is violating the constitution. How can we allow a state to violate a law and do nothing about it? President Obama himself has failed to repeal this law or at least take charge of it himself. What is this? Last time I remembered this was the land of opportunity not a land where they shut out dreams and hopes.

This law is also targeted at selected individuals. To pass this law in Arizona is a slap to the face to the entire Latino community in Arizona. Who else are officials going to target when Arizona is in the Midwest area of the United States. I know this law is passed to detain all illegal immigrants but what other community is as big as Latinos not only in Arizona but the entire United States? Lets face it we are a growing minority in America, and nothing can stop it from being a bad thing unless they pass an immigration reform. For now however we have to face laws like SB 1070 until someone decides to change it.

Why are people for SB 1070? Is it because they are xenophobic? Or perhaps they’re upset on how immigrants come to America for a better life? Most likely its xenophobia on behalf of the republicans or maybe people just want order in their state. Most likely people want to feel safe due to the current drug wars in México. Some believe that immigrants might be bringing that war over to America. In a recent Gallup poll it was found that 51 percent of the Americans that heard of SB 1070 were for it, and 39 percent were against it. Their reasons are all because of conservative values which is understandable because it’s the way they were brought up.

To me I want this law to be revoked immediately because of the damage it’s causing Latino families and how it will bring down most of Arizona’s economy. I care for both sides not only Latinos. Arizona has to understand that America was built on immigrants and without them much of the economic success we have is thanks to them. So the concept I cant grasp my mind around is why you would want to expel working immigrants who help make this country what it is?

In the end we have two sides both fighting for their own reasons. One to end racial tensions in America and the other protecting their style of life, but by doing so is stepping on the toes of a huge community. So what do you think is right? Should we allow this law to keep going or should we end this and make an immigration reform?


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