Arizona Immigration Law

September 3, 2010
By Jaime Curiel SILVER, Commerce City, Colorado
Jaime Curiel SILVER, Commerce City, Colorado
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People should be against the Arizona immigration law because it is unfair to people who came to the U.S. for a better life. This law took place July 29, 2010. When people heard of this law they started to protest. Lots of people are already against this law. People’s families get destroyed because of this law. People should not treat immigrants differently.

Most people from the U.S. are immigrants. In history the first residents of the U.S. where from Asia. Everyone in the U.S. is technically an immigrant. People have the rights to live in the U.S. without being treated differently.

The governor of Arizona signed a law that police can arrest anyone they suspected to be an immigrant. On the website it stated “Judge Susan Bolton issued preliminary injunctions on the key section of the law”. This law cost a lot of money and it is an unconstitutional law. This law makes Arizona the most hostile state in the U.S.

One-third of Arizona’s populations are Hispanics. If they send all those people back where they came from Arizona’s population will decrease. If this law continues other states might do the same thing. If this law does not stop then all the people that came here for a better life would have come for nothing.

There are some people that think this law should stay. Those people do not care what happens to the immigrants or their families. Just because those people are not immigrants they think this law should stay because it does not affect them. Other people think this law should stay because they are racist to immigrants. The governor wants to keep this law because if this law gets stopped then Arizona would have wasted a lot of money for nothing.

“This law is overreaching and does not represent values that we care about or posses” (Austin city council member Mike Martinez). People around the U.S. try to do something to stop this law. This law will be hard to avoid because it could eventually spread. The Arizona immigration law is a powerful law that hurts people.

Everybody should do something to help prevent this law. People around the U.S. should help protest against this law. This law is the worst law ever made. You think that laws could not be this bad but they could. Although this law is taking effect people still migrate to the U.S.

The immigrants from Arizona try their hardest to stay in the U.S. They do not want to go back to their country because they have a better life here. These people came here for a reason. That reason was to live a better life. They came here for a better job and better education for their kids. How would the people who are not immigrants feel if they were immigrants? They would probably feel like all the immigrants.

The Americans should stop treating immigrants like their different. Arizona should stop this law because if the immigrants are not hurting them, then there is no need to continue this law. This law should stop because it costs a lot of money. This law should not continue because if it does spread then the entire U.S. population would decrease. People should go against this law because families could get destroyed. If both parents get sent back then the kid or kids would grow up with different parents. The families should be able to live their culture without being suspected as an immigrant.

Most people already try more than they can to stop this law. I am against this law because it is unfair. If people hate immigrants then they should move because they came here to live better. If anyone travels to another country it makes them an immigrant. Why can’t people treat immigrants the same as anyone else? We should do more to try and stop this law.

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