Arizona Immigration Law

June 13, 2010
By audreyjd BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
audreyjd BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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I am writing to address the topic of the new Immigration Law of Arizona. The bill, signed by Governor Jan Brewer, was created to harness illegal immigrants. The officials are aiming to identify, bring the subject in to court, and then deport him. So far, so good, except for the fact that the way policemen have to go about this business is the most unruly.
Police are expected to confront any person that they think may be an illegal immigrant. Once confronted, that person must show their immigration document; if this task fails to be completed, the supposed illegal immigrant will be detained by the police official. The main problem with this new law is that it can and will lead to racial profiling against Hispanics, a sore subject in America, due to our country’s history.
As a 14-year old who has lived her whole life in the United States, I have come across situations with my fellow peers where we’ve dealt with copious amounts of racial profiling. We are taught that racism is unacceptable as we grow and learn. This makes me wonder how a bill like this can be read, agreed with, and signed as a state law, all with the expectation that people won’t use this to pinpoint the color of others’ skin.

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