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June 17, 2010
By Blanca.Drapeau BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Blanca.Drapeau BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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I am not valedictorian, nor did I ever want to be. I never urned to be on top of the class and did not stay up all night studying, or really ever studied for that matter. I am just an average student. I did some sports, did well enough in my classes, participated in ASB (kind of), and made friends, lost friends, made more friends, and lost more friends, made real friends, and lost some of those too. But let me get back to my point, if I were to be valedictorian I would hate to give that speech. Year after year there seems to be only two ways to approach it one being to recall people and the other to recall events. Always a joke thrown in about some teacher and how somehow through his or her wild antics in the class room we have all grown to be able to valiantly now concur the world. I am also sure that each person may try to put their own flavor into that speech referring to some overly popular culture hit, like “Facebook” or something like “Bieber Fever,” the five or so teens in the audience listening will chuckle in agreement. You see this speech is not for the students, this speech is only going to be remembered by the student giving it and their parents and close family, their are other things to focus on for the kids, like getting that beach ball going, or blowing bubbles. We all realize you have now spent hours eloquently laying out those words practicing and even testing out those so called jokes on your favorite teddy bears. But the fact of the matter is no one cares if you’re proud of your friends, we’re all just done. I am not the valedictorian, but if I were to be my speech would go something like this, “Guests, and Graduating Class I’ve been asked to give the honor of giving the valedictorian speech, and here, on this stage, I’m going to politely decline. Congratulations.”

The author's comments:
I wrote this a few days after I graduated.

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