Arizona Immagration Law

May 27, 2010
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A new law was recently passed in Arizona to reform immagration. The law made the failure to carry immagration documents illegal and gave the police the right to detain any persons suspected of being in the United States illegally. This contraversial law has sparked many protests, many claiming that this law is an open invitation for harrassment and discrimination against Hispanics. I agree with this law. It's common sense that anyone that is comitting a crime should be punished and by living in the United States illegally, a crime is being committed. I am not a natavist, I completely support the idea of immagrants moving to the United States, they should just do it legally. If an immagrant lives in the United States illegally, they are using tax payers' money everytime they visit a hospital or send their children to public schools. The illegal immagrant is getting all of the benefits of being an American without having to the pay taxes that make those opportunities available. I don't see how passing a law that helps find illegal immagrants and deport them can lead to the discrimination of an entire culture. I guess that the protesters forgot that there are other types of illegal immagrants, besides Hispanic peoples. The only people that should be concerned about this law is illegal immagrants. If a German had been living illegally in America, they would get deported just the same as any Hispanic would. I support the Arizona Immagration Law.

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OneBlackGirl said...
May 5, 2011 at 8:41 pm
The law says that ANYONE who is SUSPECTED of being an illegal immagrant can be detained. So, basically any Hispanic person at any time may be detained... because they all look like illegal immigrants.
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