The Always Changing Political Parties

May 25, 2010
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Ever think of how our government evolved into what it is today? How the two political parties back then are similar and different to those of today, and how the decisions they made then, molded the government into how it governs our country today? The way our government was run back then, is similar, but for the most part different than how it is run to this day. For example, similarly back then, there was 2 different political parties. The two parties were the Republicans and the Federalists. They both had separate views on thing, just as the Republican Party and the Democratic Party do today. Can you guess which of these late 1700’s Political Parties evolved into the Democratic party that we have today, and the Republican Party that we have today? Many people have different opinions on which is closest to which, and think there are many similarities between the two. But, although similarities exist between the original government of the 13 colonies, and that of today, there are notable differences.

For instance, back then Republicans emphasized Agriculture, as today the Democratics don’t emphasize Agriculture, since it’s not as dependable is getting a job is, and for the fact we don’t have slaves to work for us. Also, Democrats today like high taxes to help the people as a whole, while back then the Republicans liked to keep taxes low, to not make the people angry. Another difference of the Democratic party today and the Republican party back then is that the Republicans back then were Pro-France, while today, the Democratics are allied with anyone and emphasize peace, and will help any of our allied countries that are in battle. Another difference between these two parties is that back then, the Republican party opposed the National Bank, while today the Democratic party likes the bank, since it’s what keeps our Economy flowing. In conclusion, the Republicans back then and the Democrats today have some different viewpoints on things which have changed over the years. But, there are also some similarities between these two parties.

For example, both the Democratic party and the Republican party of the 1700’s believed in Strict Interpretation. Another viewpoint that both of them believed in was to to have a strong State Government. Also, they believed the people should have political power, and not State’s Rights. They also opposed war, and would only if fight attacked upon.

Now, the two other political parties, The Federalists and the Republicans of present day, also have similarities but also major differences. For example, The Federalists believed that only the wealthy and educated should be able to lead, while the Republicans of today believe that anyone should be able to lead, as long as they’ve been a citizen in the U.S. for a certain amount of time, and have met a certain age. Another difference between the two is that the Federalists believed in being Pro-Britain while the Republicans of today believe in international world peace and insuring that the world stays peaceful. The examples above are only a few of many viewpoints that the Republicans of modern day and that of the Federalists have differently. But, they also have similarities in ideas.

The relations between the Federalists and the Republicans of present day aren’t that plentiful. But, they still hold relations of viewpoints to each other. First of all, they both favor manufacturing, shipping, and trade, since it’s viable and has been a good way of selling things internationally. Another similarity is that the Republicans of today and the Federalists back then focus more on commerce, business, etc... Because they want to supply more jobs. They both also focus on trying to lower taxes, instead of raising them. All in all, Federalists and Republicans have both similarities and differences which makes them the parties they were and have become.

Similarities exist in all things, including the governmental system back then, and that of today. But, although political parties may seem similar in many ways, there are many dfferences that make them unique based on their viewpoints. Because, not only have the original political parties evolved into those of today, but their viewpoints have changed too; as a result, making them the parties they are today, and why people are favored against one or the other...

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Sandra M. said...
Jun. 13, 2010 at 7:05 pm
This article is absolutely amazing! I love how you conncected the two time periods and compared and contrasted them, very interesting!
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