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May 25, 2010
By SweetThing SILVER, Paradox, New York
SweetThing SILVER, Paradox, New York
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Was containment right or wrong? Containment was a system set up by President Truman in 1946. It was a government aid to give money to places like Europe to stop the spread of communism. This system wasn’t effective, so I would have to say it wasn’t right. It’s like putting your child in the corner, when we put communism in the corner it gave it time to rethink the strategies and become sneakier also to know what to look out for. So why if it wasn’t affective did Truman keep the policy alive?

Not only did this system not fail though when General Macarthur spoke out against this system Truman got rid of him. And on that day “at 1 a.m. on this day, World Communism achieved it’s greatest victory of a decade in the dismissal of General Macarthur” our president got rid of the man who kept our head above the water. Another man had spoken out and said "I charge that this country today is in the hands of a secret owner coterie which is directed by agents of the soviet union. We must cut this cancerous conspiracy out of our government at once," not only did others like Macarthur think it wasn't effective 69% of the country backed Macarthur a measly 29% gave approval of Truman. The approval didn't mean they backed him it meant they were alright with the policy and who is to say those people weren't friends of Truman. Nixon stated "the communists and their three stooges ... what they always wanted - Macarthur’s scalp" he was saying that (referring back to the corner reference made earlier) Macarthur was like the mother keeping the child in the corner and when the mother left the child grew out of control. Not only that but only 4 senators 2 democrats and 2 republicans dared to defend the president that meant that 1/4 or less didn't agree with the president. Truman's own administration was hip-deep in plan after plan, trying to answer the great question: Where do we go from here ? If Truman saw this plan was crumbling i ask why did he not seek help? Surely you detect the policy was wrong, it was like we were buried alive and digging our grave even deeper when we should have been getting out even if that meant crawling.

So you see it wasn't needed if we wanted to overthrow communism we needed to go to the source it's like if you put your child in the corner for playing with firecrackers you don't let the child have possession of them anymore. Do you? You go get the firecrackers and destroy them. My point is Truman tried to make it look like it was under control even though he knew eventually it would come undone. So ask yourself was containment the right thing to do?

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this started out as a history assignment but eey i like it

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