My Opinion of America

May 24, 2010
In my opinion, America is the best country in the world. We’re given Freedom of Speech and Religion and many other rights, too. We are also protected by one of the strongest (if not the strongest) armed forces in existence. Very few countries provide their citizens with the privileges that we have.
Since 1944, the United States’ military has referred to as a superpower. The U.S. military has the potential to win any war with a foreign country. They rely heavily on the latest technology, which gives us an advantage over other countries. We are also the second largest populated military, after the People’s Liberation Army of China, and have troops stationed around the entire globe.
Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press in the United States are one of the chief privileges we have. As long as we don’t hurt another person, we can express our opinion out loud or in writing. Fortunately, we are all given a free education to learn how to write. However, in some countries, children don’t receive the possibility of getting an education.

In 1620, a group of settlers left their country and came to America. They came because they wanted religious freedom. Americans have the right to worship any way they choose. In some parts of the world, people have to worship in secret otherwise, they’ll be put in jail or even killed. Freedom of Religion is a right given to all people in America.
When a country is experiencing an economic downfall, or in a dictatorship, where do the people usually go? America. That is because there is a wealth of opportunity here. Americans have created so much, during the time of our country. To list a few, are motion pictures, the telephone, the television, the computer, the Internet, the airplane, and the VCR. They are all American made.

America is a super-country. We are the most well-rounded country in the world. We have provided the world with many of the technological advances. We have also contributed greatly to the field of medicine. Out of all of the Nobel Prizes awarded, 320 have been awarded to Americans. That’s almost three times as many as the next closest country, the United Kingdom. Foreigners benefit greatly from buying better products made from American companies and working better jobs manufacturing such products.
America is a great country. We have a powerful military protecting us. Our technological stance is outstanding. And we have contributed an immense amount of knowledge to the world. You may not notice it, but America really is the best country in the world.

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kidfan13 said...
Aug. 7, 2010 at 2:07 pm
I have to pay for my education and I live in America. We cannot graduate until we pay our school fees which is sometimes a thousand dollars.
Thesilentraven This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 31, 2010 at 2:53 pm

I strongly admire your patriosm. I agree that America is a very good country for its freedom, rights, and boldness across the globe. However, I don't think that America's greatness should be defined by its military. Being a world 'superpower' does not make it the best country in the world. Nor should the USA be romanticized because it makes many mistakes, sometimes very large ones. Although it gives its citizens rights, not all are free to accept them. Although it gives aid all across the wor... (more »)

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