Dear Mr. President

May 21, 2010
By EvanGabel BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
EvanGabel BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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Dear Mr. President,

Hello Mr. President. My name is Evan and I have a few words to say about this new health care plan you have signed. I have been watching and reading the news and I think this is a bad idea for now and for the future. I’m 13 years old. Even thinking health care now about how I’m going to have to get health care at age 18. And for the people that just bought houses that are 20-30 years old and trying to start a family, this is going to be a big pain. And I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be getting sick for needing to go to the hospital for a while. Then I have to buy health care for no reason is stupid. But some people would need it, like people over 65 or if people have kids. It should be optional to buy the health care. But what if people can’t afford it, well the people that make, let’s say, 250,000 dollars a year can pay for the ones who can’t. Another reason is when you start heavily taxing these richer people they are going to start not buying from the government anymore and then you will lose a lot of money. Is that really fair? No its not, those people have worked their whole life probably and have just gotten to a strong point. And now there is some guy that’s been doing nothing his whole life and now he’s selling beads on a corner somewhere and, he wants a surgery that requires health care. Another reason is let’s say the surgery isn’t life threatening and he still wants it. Well, why he doesn’t just go get a better job? Or at least a job that has some good benefits, but he doesn’t have the experience to get a better job; he should have been thinking about that when he was in high school and college, but if the surgery is life threatening like cancer or an infection or something then yes, it’s necessary but just one person shouldn’t pay for it. Disperse the cost or have the government pay for it. And then you should still have another option if those don’t turn out.

Another reason is the economy, and having everyone buy health care is just going to make the economy worse as soon as we’re starting to recover this is just going to shoot back down again. The way people are dealing with their health is going to change if everyone has health care people aren’t going to care as much which will lead to more deaths and more money spent and more medical supplies bought from other places, and that will destroy the economy even more. So now the economy’s bad and getting worse and now more people are going to start getting poor, so the rich ones are going to have to buy more health care and now the country are going to be very poor. And can our country really handle that. Because we already are in debt to other countries.

And then if the people don’t buy it but then the people get fined, then you get sick then have to buy it that would really stink. But then the government should really re-pay them so then you buy heath insurance and then it would even out. And even though you would say well they should have had health insurance in the first place but to some people accident happen

There is also going to be a drop in jobs and the only people that are not going to be affected are the ones who signed it. Think to yourself is this really fair? Do you really think this is good for the country? Well I know it isn’t. Having anything that’s like that is mandatory. It is not a good change. I think its good to have health care, but it should be your choice. So think to yourself if a 13 year old thinks this is a bad idea, how many others are going to think the same way? In conclusion this should really be revised or changed to be optional, but if you don’t there will probably be consequences in the future.

And yes I know you’re trying to lower the cost but people are still not going to be able to afford it with it only being at maybe 1000 dollars a year. And even though the cost will go down what about people that don’t want it. They will not buy it. To me this is just going to start a riot and that would not be good, so think to yourself can this really work in everyone’s favor?



The author's comments:
intresting topic and i always wanted to write a letter to the president

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