SB 1070 Good or Bad

May 18, 2010
By Maggie Medina BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Maggie Medina BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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SB1070, is it justice or racial profiling?? Some people think that it’s going to take criminals off the streets. To others, like me, we disagree with this new law because it could lead to racial profiling.

There are problems with this new law that most people are concerned about. Some are concerned about possible Civil Rights violations, and worried that the legislation will lead to racial profiling. The bill does not list the characteristics officers will be looking for to determine “reasonable suspicion”. Under the Civil Rights all people are exempt by color, race, religion, and gender that is why I believe the SB 1070 legislation will be declined.

Me being a Mexican descent I feel that it discriminates against the Hispanic population. Obviously, they are not going to stop a Caucasian individual or an African American, they would stop those who look Hispanic. In my opinion I don’t think it’s fair for this law to take place. Mostly it’s just trying to kick out people because there are too many people and also they don’t want Arizona turning up like California in my opinion.

Some people are staring to think that Arizona will end up like California. Gangs and drug dealers running around, they are trying to eliminate that problem but in reality they are wasting time. Not everyone that is immigrant is doing something bad. They are getting rid of many people but I don’t think it’s worth it.

Some might disagree with me because it might decrease crimes in Arizona and people would be safe. The reason why I think people are wrong is because yes, it may decrease crimes but also it’s decreasing people that are not doing crimes. In my opinion the law has good intentions but it’s not worth hurting so many people for this.

The SB 1070 isn’t worth hurting people like taking them away from their families here in Arizona. It has too many problems with it like how they are going to assume that someone is “legal” or “illegal”. It mainly discriminates against Hispanics because they are mostly the ones you can assume that would be “illegal”. People are afraid that Arizona might end up like California but in reality its just showing the whole world how some people are discriminating against others and to me that’s wrong. I believe that this law is opening Pandora’s Box to racism through out the United States and it shouldn’t happen.

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cutie101 said...
on Oct. 22 2010 at 9:21 am
i thought the essay was very imformative. it also proves a good piont. i totally agree with you!!!!


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