Honoring Our Military

May 17, 2010
By rackel96 BRONZE, Amarillo, Texas
rackel96 BRONZE, Amarillo, Texas
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The definition of military: of, relating to, or characteristic of members of the armed forces. My personal definition of military: those who risk their family, their friends, their lives, everything, for us. When they don’t even know most of us exist.

Honoring our military is, and will always be, extremely important. We shouldn’t honor them once a year. We should always be honoring our military. We may not even be here, breathing, if it wasn’t for our military. We probably wouldn’t be a free country if not for our military.

The last census said that there are about 300,000,000 people in the United States. In World War Two alone the total amount of worldwide service members equaled over 15,000,000. That’s a big number of people risking their lives but the total that died for us ended up being over 300,000. 700,000 had minor or severe wounds. There’s also plenty of what we call veterans, military service members that lived while fighting for us. There are around 2,000,000 still living today. Most people just think of men going to war but there are also plenty of women veterans, over 150,000!

Is that not enough reasons to honor our military? Do they really need to do more than just risking their lives for us? So come on now, it’s not that hard to write one letter, or say one prayer, for our military. They don’t complain about it being too hot, when their in their suits during 112 degree weather. When their kids say their bored, they try not to object. When they come home they think about everything differently. Can’t we think of them a little differently? Spend some of our “precious” time on them, they spend years for us. They could be watching their children grow up, but no. They spend their time fighting for us. Any time, is the right time to honor our military.

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