The Wise Will Walk

May 13, 2010
By BigBoi BRONZE, Murphysboro, Illinois
BigBoi BRONZE, Murphysboro, Illinois
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A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.

Wise words spoken softly are louder than the shouts from a leader of fools. This is true for any situation. Any person who can read could understand this is true. Obama once said he was “trying to walk a straight path in a crooked world.” Furthermore, our country that is invading the Middle East is very foolish. The situation is a similar repeat of our time spent in Vietnam, and now the world is seeing that we aren’t as powerful as we used to be. We have expended our money on things that we shouldn’t of and weren’t able to easily defeat a bunch of practical caveman in the desert. Our former allies no longer need us because we aren’t the world’s greatest power anymore. We should count our losses and pull out of the war in Iraq (which is now mainly all of the countries around it). It just seems in my opinion that we made a mistake and should learn from our mistake in the past, accept that, and just pull out of the war before we lose more money and lives than we already have, that seems only logical.

The author's comments:
I recently researched the war we are in right now and the war in Vietnam, it made me think and want to speak about it.

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