Should illegal students become legal?

April 22, 2010
By dianal BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
dianal BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
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Many Hispanic families that come to the Unites states are illegal. They come here to have a better life and to have good jobs. New born, toddlers or even teens are brought along even if they do not want to. The kids are raised here in America and even though some have been here for years, they can’t find a way to become legal citizens. People say that we shouldn’t let the students become legal because then more and more students would want to come to the U.S. and have a great life and get their citizenship. There’s been students here in the U.S. that were brought here at least since 1st grade or maybe before that, that are now 17 or older and are struggling with finding jobs and things they want to do in their life like buying a house or applying for credit. At school when there’s a trip or activity to go to a different state some students are scared to ask or cant even go because they do not have their passport and cant get it. To find jobs at a store or restaurant it’s difficult because most teens have to get faked i.d. or a fake social security number because all applications that information.

Not all students deserved to get helped in becoming a U.S. citizen because, not all, but some of the Hispanic teens drop out of school. Some reasons are because they think there’s no point of going to school and having a high school diploma if they cant even pay for college, or are in gangs and waste their life either in jail or home, girls get pregnant and leave school until her child is older, or they don’t think they’ll even have a future because they are illegal and are always going to work in the fields. But that’s not true. Students that been and are in school, and good students with good grades and the ones that really want to go to college, have a good career and not struggle in life actually do find help with paying for college by finding scholarships that help illegal students. These students deserve a chance to live their life without worrying about how to pay for their college tuition or finding a job without lying in their application.

It would help a lot if there was a program or an organization that helps illegal students become citizens. All students that work hard to have a career deserve a chance to become legal in the state. It’s not the student’s fault that their parents brought them across the border illegally. The students should not be paying for the parents mistakes. The parents thought it would be a better life but the truth is some students do struggle a lot in life because they’re illegal.

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