The Great Deception

April 19, 2010
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On September 11th, 2001, the worst tragedy since the assassination of John F. Kennedy struck American soil. Our beautiful country had fallen victim to terrorism. But just who these terrorists were and what their motive was proves to be a more complex question than anticipated. It is my truest belief that these events that occurred on this horrific day, wasn’t so much of a spontaneous attack as it was a great deception.

Around 8:45 that faithful morning, a hi-jacked United Airlines Boeing 757 jet ripped through the walls of New York City’s World Trade Center Building. First world trade center one was struck, and roughly 45 minutes later world trade center two received a devastating blow. The two towers burned for over one and a half hours due to the explosions and then, surprisingly, collapsed perfectly into their own footprints. What most people don’t know, is that it two the total number of towers that collapsed that morning wasn’t two… but three. World Trade Center 7, which may I remind you was NOT struck by a commercial airline, also collapsed into itself, coincidentally, in the exact same fashion as the previous two. September the 11th also marks the first day in history that any steel based structure had collapsed due to fires. In August of 2007, the World Financial Building of Shanghai burned for a little over two hours and did not collapse. Other steel buildings in various locations around the world have burned for extreme amounts of time, and also, still did not collapse.

When the question of motives comes to play, we must look at the outcome. Every cause has an effect. As a result of 9/11, our military has invaded Iraq, in our infamous quest for weapons of mass destruction, which we never found. We also established permanent military bases in the Middle East to supposedly enforce the laws of the newly formed democracy that we designed to specifically mimic the U.S.’s. My belief is that if 9/11 wasn’t a staged event designed by our own federal government, the we sure as hell didn’t do much to stop the attack, as actor Charlie Sheen put it, “...10 hi-jackers with box cutter knives taking over 4 commercial airlines, and the hitting 70% of their targets sound more like a conspiracy theory.” Its science, not opinion, its fact not fiction, we must keep in mind that in this amazing world we live in, sometimes the truth is stranger then fairytales.

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foreverme said...
May 24, 2010 at 12:35 pm
Don't forget about the other buildings hit, like the pentagon. Also, it's pretty hard to stop something if you don't know if it's coming, when it's coming, where it's coming from, what it will be, or how it will affect us. I don't blame the government for not stopping it. That would have been close to impossible. 
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