What Service To Our Country Means To Me

April 6, 2010
By Weston BRONZE, Starks, Louisiana
Weston BRONZE, Starks, Louisiana
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I believe that we live in the greatest nation in the world because Americans have always been willing to give of themselves. Since the birth of our nation, Americans have been willing to serve. One man by himself cannot do the work that many joined together can do. People have willing to give their lives, time, efforts and money to build this great country.

Before our country received its independence, 13 colonies bound together and fought the British. The sons and Daughters of Liberty staged protest against the Stamp Act. They dumped tea in the Boston Harbor and were willing to give their lives for freedom. Today, men and women are willing to enter into the armed services and protect our country. People were willing to pull together and stand up and fight for what they believe in. Without their efforts we could not enjoy the freedoms that we have. We would be a weak nation if people were not willing to serve.

Many people give of their time, money, and efforts in volunteer work. They volunteer to work in hospitals, soup kitchens, building homes for the homeless, and becoming Big Brothers or Sisters for children in need. Unselfish people working together can do great things.

There is a Chinese proverb that tells a story about an old Chinese man and his six sons. The boys were arguing amongst themselves. The father told each boy to bring him back green twigs. The father took one twig and snapped it with his fingers. Then he took six green twigs and wove them together. He passed the woven green twigs around to all six sons but none could break them. He said that each twig represented each son. By themselves, they were weak. Bound together they were strong.

Our country was built on service. It will only continue to be great, if men are willing to serve unselfishly. I am proud to be an American and willing to do my part in building even a greater nation. Service to our country has meant freedom to me and my family. It has meant a chance to build a prosperous life, helping others along the way.

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