digital zombies

April 1, 2010
By frankthetank BRONZE, None, Mississippi
frankthetank BRONZE, None, Mississippi
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I do not believe we are post-human digital zombies as a whole. Some people have become zombies. You will see many people staring at their phones, but mostly they are people longing for attention. I personally can live without my phone if placed in the right environment. In Potter County, pa there is no reception. When I’m there my phone means nothing to me. Some people couldn’t survive without a cell phone or black berry. They need to know when everything happens within the minute. Most of society couldn’t survive without technology, but to say America as a whole has become filled with digital zombies is absurd. Young people are going to be more inclined to get new phones and state of the art stuff, and some adults too. Not everyone is like this. Some people don’t have cell phones or cable or a computer and they live just fine. I love to hunt deer. When I go hunting I turn my phone off because I like being alone in the woods. It’s peaceful and when people have their faces in a hand held screen they miss the true beauty of everything. Not everyone has turned into this digital zombie. There

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it is pretty b-a and everyone should read it

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