Keep the Spartan Logo

March 1, 2010
By Branman BRONZE, Sparta, Michigan
Branman BRONZE, Sparta, Michigan
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Nike should not proceed with changing the Michigan State University logo. They want to alter the Spartan helmet design. The old logo looks awesome and doesn’t need updating.

The present logo has represented the university for thirty plus years. Most people around the country see it and associate the logo with MSU excellence and pride. It has become a tradition, just like the Blue Devil logo of Duke.

Another reason to not change the logo is that all the stores that hold MSU merchandise would lose money by replacing their inventory. They could sell it as clearance, but they would still not make a profit. Storeowners could give it all away, but who would want the old items?

The final reason MSU should not change the current logo because of fan loyalty. Presently, a very large Facebook group is fighting the change. Twenty thousand members have already joined the protest. If they change it, the university could lose support from all these people, plus more.

In conclusion, Nike should not change the MSU logo. They should leave it as it is. New doesn’t always mean better.

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