Healthcare Reform in America: A War of a Debate

March 7, 2010
I'm not against healthcare reform, I'm just not for Obama's way.

First off, is because of medicare cuts. Why? Well, the elderly for instance. A lot of them are on medicare and if congress cuts medicare, the quality of life for elderly Americans isn't going to be so good.

Second, is the cost. The senate Finance committee has projected the cost would be a staggering $856B. Our country doesn't have that kind of money! The last stimulus package was $787B, if congress keeps overspending our country is going to be bankrupt.

Third, the people don't want it.

If you turn on the news now they usually are showing some protest at some town hall meeting (Like this one in Washington state: ). According to Rassmusen's Poll, 56% of Americans now oppose this 1,000-page monster of a bill, while 43% favor the bill.
Not so good news for the President,who has also a low approval rating, 52% according to Gallup (which is among the lowest presidential approval ratings since World War II). I think Obama’s struggles are mostly because of the healthcare bill. The last time Universal Healthcare was pushed this hard was with the Clinton Administration, and Clinton's ratings went down.

Will it be successful this time around?

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Dragonslayer5000 said...
Apr. 8, 2010 at 7:07 pm
I'm working on Part II. I'll keep you all posted....
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