men lie women lie...but numbers dont

February 27, 2010
By , Wauwatosa, WI
And so after constantly hearing teachers, friends, and politicians drill me on obama. After hundereds of facebook groups saying his name rhymes with osama, and being told democracy is a joke here I am. And I am not going to convert you to a democrat, in fact I don’t think we should worry so much about which party our president is on but what HIS views are. Some of the greatest presidents wouldn’t prescribe to such parties saying that “I am not here to please republicans and democratic, I am here to please my country”. So heres some numbers, some stories, and some truth.

Obamas campaign was, “Change we can believe in”, and although that sounds overwhelming lets take a look at these promises people say weren’t made. The truth. Promise number 1: Health coverage options for all Americans. And the progress? Health insurance was extended to 4 million children a measure that was vetoed twice by Bush, and is still making progress. Promise number 2: To provide more support in Afghanistan andslowly taking them out over a 16 month period. And the progress is that obamas first day in office he met with military leaders in order to sort out the viability of it, and a plan is already on the table to send troops there into the places of people who ACTUALLY attacked us on September 11th, he will pitch this in april. And since January he is reported to have accomplished the following: Relaxed restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, ordered the closing of the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, ordered most u.s. troops out of Iraq and had more U.S. troops into Afghanistan (the people who were REALLY in charge of 9-11), pushed through his economic stimulus plan, a mortgage reliefe plan a second Wall Street bailout and his plan to redeem toxic assets, and appoved a massive lending to struggling Detroit automakers. And after that he is working on climate change, education reform and universal health care. And as for numbers?? If that is the truth you need to be put at ease? Last I heard the stock market was up…check the papers

Its been 100 days, and I may sound liberal but think about it
and thank you

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