the tragic death of haiti

February 11, 2010
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Hi, my name is Nadira. I am a citizen of the united states. When my teacher told me about the tragedy that happened in Haiti. I was very shocked! I heard all over the place. The news paper, TV, my teachers, family and friends. Haiti is a very poor country. They are already in misery. Poverty is a big cause in Haiti. They have no food, no shelter, no money, and some even don’t have no clothes. Now, they have to deal with a huge earthquake. didn’t they have enough trouble caused in their country already. There buildings are not like ours. We have a good building structure. Not them. It very easy to destroy. If even saw the destroyment. It was so terrible. People literally UNDER the building stuck their in PAIN!!!!! Blood all over them. Makes me feel so bad for them. I feel like drying every time I here about it. Ripped skin dry hands. Some people that live in America are looking for their families in Haiti. More than half these people are dead. My mom told me when someone gets hurt they don’t get hurt on accident. They get hurt because they did something wrong. Here is my question what did these people do that was so wrong? Tears!!!!!! When I see them on someone face slithering down it makes me cry to and shed to tears! Haiti reminds me of slavery! Slavery is a very bad thing to do. In social studies, I felt the pain that each one of them had. But, they had it worse. Slaves actually were there. I just felt it I never did it. What we did is social studies was like a cargo. Me teacher put bed sheets on the floor and made each one of us in the class room lay down. Then she told us a story that if one of the salve threw up, you would have to sleep in that until morning. Do you know how that feels like. When my brother threw up one time and my uncle was there he didn’t lay in it all night we took the sheet off. If one slave died they would have to sleep next to the dead body. Then there was the slave dance. When one of your friends died or someone died you were forced to dance. Who would want to dance when someone just died. I makes me sick to the people who would kill these people for no reason and caused their death. When I hear about slavery or tragedy. I cry that night. I just fell so sad. Me, as a student can donate money clothe that we don’t need and food to them. If I can do it then so can you! I would do anything for them. I will donate $50.00 to them if I have to by phone. My mom wants to do that. I already donated $20.00 by texting on your phone. Every penny counts! If you had $1.00 and you were going to spend it on junk. Don’t buy it instead you can give it to donation. Haiti needs your help. LETS MAKE A DIFFERNECE!!!!!!

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