The Horrid Life Support Mechine

February 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Close your eyes. Now picture a tall, lean man with salt and pepper hair. You have just pictured my grandfather. He was chronically ill with cancer and died last year, soon after being taken off of life support. My grandmother made the mistake of putting him on life support and during this time he suffered along side my grandmother, but the pain she suffered was with the guilt of what she did and knowing that she was wrong. The price that she paid while trying to extend the life of her loved one is not only a bill but also an emotional debt. It is for this reason that I hate life support for terminally ill people because it is emotional hardship, morality wrong, and cost the family a lot of money.
In many cases people when choosing between prolonging the lives of themselves or their family members and dying with dignity, they tend to choose to try to prolong life, because they are emotionally attacked to their lives on earth and are scared to let it go. Although when a severely ill person chooses to extend their time on earth it hurts the family and gravely impacts the family's emotional balance. When losing a loved one you go through many stages, but to see your loved on suffer as a horrid machine tries to pump life into their acing bodies, let me tell you form having background acknowledge it hurts ten times more then just letting them died in peace.( Deciding to Withhold or Withdraw Life Sustaining Measures Life Support for the Terminally Ill.") Some might say that the person has a chance for living, and in those cases go head let them live but if there is not chance please do not make them suffer. Therefore making them suffers making it an emotional hardship on the families.
The life support system is morality wrong. It is morality wrong because if a terminally ill person is to weak to speak or did not leave a living will they will be put on life support until a

family member or friends steps forward to say to take them off and that is a fact. The poor person does not have a say in decision in whiter they wait to live or die. And doctors have to give their
best efforts to keep them alive.( Dying On Life Support: Is It Fair?) Which I believe every person should have a right to say how he or she would like his or her life to end or if it should at all. Life support also prolongs the agony of the family of the terminally ill person.
The life support system not only hurts their families emotionally but financial also. In one case I read about the family paid over 104,000 dollars, " their last years of life, Americans spend more than five times the money on health care then in all their previous years.” Angela Morrow, RN.( Deciding to Withhold or Withdraw Life Sustaining Measures Life Support for the Terminally Ill.") I know we all say family is priceless but if the person is not going to survive, should we pay that much only to have them suffer, and not die in peace or with dignity?
Life support is emotional hurtful, morality wrong, and cost families large amounts of money to torture there loved ones. That is why I hope that if you are ever faced with this hard chose you will choose what is best for your loved one and them die so that they do not hurt any more. I strongly disagree with life support for the terminally ill, it cause pain and my family has already suffered at its hand. Will you make your family suffer too?

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The author's comments:
I loved my grandfather so to see him suffer, hurt me and the Family

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