Canadians Bloody Seal Hunt

February 9, 2010
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They’re famously known for their black eyes, and their fluffy white fur coats. Sadly, these harp seals are the victims of the yearly blood thirsty Canadian seal hunt.

I am a vegetarian, and I am also a proud supporter of People Against The Ethical Treatment of Animals. I acknowledge their efforts towards trying to stop the seal hunt at the 2010 Olympics.

According to Sea Shepherd, It is said that there’s a quota on the amount of seals allowed to be slaughtered, however, the percentage has increased each year . In 2000, 92,000 were slaughtered. In 2001, the number rose to 226,000. Then in 2002, the worst year for seals slaughtered had been raised to 312,000 even though the quota had been 275,000. Instead of legal violations for exceeding the number of seals killed, the government will increase the kill quota to 75,000. This year, the government has intended for 325,000 to be killed along with an additional 10,000 for the aboriginal allowance.

There is no excuse in unnecessary cruelty, especially when it’s toward harmless animals. If Harp seals are characterized as being gentle, then why must they be killed inhumanely? According to the International Fund For Animal Welfare, hunters approach the seals with long sticks and a blade attached to the end, then repeatedly beat them. If the seals are still blinking, then the hunter will kick it in the face and continue to beat them with the stick. An analysis performed by veterinarians, had concluded that 40% of the seals are skinned alive. Seal pups are also victims. At less then three months, a seal who’s hardly able to fend for survival is killed. Unable to swim, the pup can’t escape the club.

Canadians are generally depicted as being friendly and kind people. Known for it’s sweet taste, it only makes sense why Canada is known for it’s famous national product, maple syrup. Though with the seal hunt, will Canada’s new national identity become seal? Fisheries Minister Gail Shea , is in full support for our Canadian team to be wearing seal skin uniforms at the 2010 Olympic Games. Will Canada become recognized as the slaughterhouse country? Will Canadians be looked down upon as mean blood thirsty killing machines?

Evidently, I am against the seal hunt. However, the Canadian Government online, has the positive side. The seal hunt is a critical way of life to more then 6,000 sealers in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and the North. For most, this is the annual income for their family which can be as much as $25,000. Canada is famously known for it’s annual seal hunt as it remains an important part of Canadian culture. Seals can provide food, fuel, clothing and shelter.

It’s either a win or lose choice, the government will immediately end it’s slaughter this year, or, it can continue to upset Canadians and get a bad reputation from other countries.

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Gnome said...
Mar. 31, 2010 at 9:49 pm

First off I am not going to say that I am necessarily for the seal hunt but I would just like to get some facts straight.


I also am a supporter of animal rights but there is always the question of what is right.


First off I would like to know if you are getting your information from PETA. Much of their information is incorrect and is used to incite pity, however this undermines their cause as a lot of it is simply sensationalised and reduces their cre... (more »)

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