When are they coming back to town

February 8, 2010
By Numb3rs SILVER, Grand Junction, Colorado
Numb3rs SILVER, Grand Junction, Colorado
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“When are you coming back to town”
This song lyric really hits home right now for we have thousands of solder overseas in Iraq, we are being told that they are coming home but when are the sliders coming home? We are being told that they are but the date keeps being pushed farther and farther in to the future. We just sent several hundred more solders over to Iraq. So when are they coming back to town? I hope that it’s not “when they stop building roads and there are not more highways to be found.”

The army is building 7 permanent bases in Iraq. That does not sound like they are doing a full troop pull out to me. One of my best friends is among the hundreds of men and women that we just sent overseas. I would like to see my friend walking out of the air port. Not being carried out in a coffin.

We have already lost to many lives overseas in this war. It is high time that we stop paying this high price. The politicians need to pull their acts together. Just tell the public when the troops are coming home and if they don’t have any idea then that is what they need to tell us. Not just this big front that they are hiding behind, like they are now.

This is the United States of America. We are the home of the free, isn’t that what our constitution states? At the moment it shore dose not feel like it. It feels like our freedom is slowly slipping away.

All throughout history people have fought for freedom like Martine Luther King Jr. , Herat Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, Bingaman Francolin, and George Washington. They have all fought for the same thing; freedom. Freedoms of speech, Freedom of press, Freedom to sit were you want on the buss, equality, freedom from England. All of these come in to play here the government is not telling us the truth of at least all of it. We have the right to know. So tell us when our soldiers are coming home, even if the answer is I Don’t Now.

The author's comments:
The Person who inspired this pice is now safly back from Iraq.

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