So Small

February 8, 2010
By Anonymous

I was just reading one of those anti-Obama things
and it made me sad,
but not as sad as the arguments underneath it.

Today someone asked me if i could have voted, who would have i voted for.
I said Obama, and then they said some stuff.

And then I felt, "Man, I am really sick of arguing over this. It is just an election. How can something this small be such a big wedge?"

Everyone made their choices on a candidate this year. Some chose one human, some chose another human, some chose a righteous apathy. But once those choices were cast and done, many choose to argue. It makes me so sad. That one man would look at his brother in anger because of his choice of President -- we were made for so much more than this.

Are humans just looking for a chance to hurt each other? The election has provided a golden opportunity for love also. But no one wants to notice it.

It's really just silly to think a president has any significance in the grand scheme of things in any matter. To like or dislike one man controlling the executive branch of one country for a possible total of 8 years. It is ironic to argue about which man would do more good for the world. If we really want good to happen, we can start by acting on the things within our control. How can we expect good to come from an argument?

We turn our heads up and shout about things so far above us, and ignore the hurt we inflict to the people around us. If we would raise our heads higher we could see God in heaven, not worried about who He has established, concerned much more for one friendship than for a thousand presidencies.
It is more harmful to have anger with a friend than to live under any kind of president, dictator, or any other leader.

If we could only see that, compared to you and I and us, this simply does not matter.

Why can't we just get along in the world and stop making such a big deal out of everything.
That is the million dollar question.

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