They still need help!

January 31, 2010
By Maddiewrites13 GOLD, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
Maddiewrites13 GOLD, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
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I'm sure you've all heard of the earthquake in Haiti. I'm sure you've of the death, the sickness, the sad situations by now. I'm sure you've all felt a little bit of pitty for all of those poor Hatian people. I'm also sure you've heard of all of the orphans in Hiati by now, as well. A few days ago on the news, I heard something that near broke my heart, and shook me with rage. Young Hatian orphans who aren't rescued and put into orphaniges are being snatched up and sold to wealthy Haitians as slaves. It made me sad that in such a time of need intheir country, Haitans are bringing harm to each other. While of course, many Hatians are recieving the help that they need, others have nothing, and are doing bad so that they can survive. Something has to be done to help all Hatians, so we can stop violence, and try to prevent anymore child slaves. They best we can continue to help, even though the earthquake was weeks ago, is to give money to places like the Red Cross. Our help is still needed in Haiti.

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