Driving Laws

January 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Making teenagers wait until they are 18 to get their licenses is going to cause many problems for many people. STANDUP is trying to rise the license age to 18. Overall,leaving the driving the driving age the way it is will appease lots of people. This contrivance is not going to work for several reasons. One major reason is that lots of teenagers have jobs. If they do not have licenses, then they cannot get jobs, or their parents will have to drive them to work. This could cause problems for the parents. Another reason is athletics, which most high school students are in. If they have their licenses they could drive themselves to and from practice or events. There are ways to help teens become better drivers. I agree with advocates of teenagers not using electronics while driving, unless it is an emergency. There is a statistic that GDL, Graduated Driver Licensing, will reduce crash rates by 40%. There is no way to induce people into not using their cell phones while driving, because so many people use them, and not just teenagers. People have to be more vigilant and careful when they are driving. Therefore, they will cause more problems to the teenagers and the parents, so we should keep it at the age it is.

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Driving Licenses

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