Graduated Driving License

January 22, 2010
I believe that driving the GDL is bad in some ways, but overall is a law that should be passed. The changes that need to be made to the GDL are the passenger restriction because they shouldn’t be allowed to restrict how many people are in your car. That’s too much power towards them and taking away our rights. Although I do think after a certain time at night it should be limited by your age. I also disagree with the age issuance there stage policy. Because it is taking funding away from states that do not comply with the rules that it states, also if you make the process too long and hard most teens will not want to learn to drive. However I do agree with the ban on cell phone use because it causes so many crashes every year even though not by many teens it should be banned in general. It is lamentable that the ban on cell phones should chide everyone who uses them while driving. The other one I agree with on is the prohibition nighttime ban. Drinking and driving is wrong in general and is illegal so to add this to law to the intermediate stages will show everyone that it is

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